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I always envied my friends who had installed keyless entry systems in their cars because with just the use of remote key fobs or transponder keys, they were able to close and open their doors without having to do it manually. So when I thought I had the budget, I called a few locksmith companies and inquired about the cost of installing the same for my car. I was surprised by how high the prices were. I almost felt downhearted, but one of my friends referred me to Magnet Locksmith. I was shocked again – but this time because of how reasonable the rate was. The installation was done expertly and fast. Now, I am enjoying my car because even if I am still a few inches away, I am still able to lock and unlock the doors. Robert Jeter

The key broke while I was trying to start the ignition. It was depressing, thinking that I need to get home early because my in-laws will visit us and I need to cook dinner for them. I was parked in the supermarket. It’s raining hard. I was thinking: Will someone be here to help me? I browsed the Internet and stumbled upon Magnet Locksmith. I immediately called them. I was glad to hear that they will come in an hour. Waiting was nothing if only I can be home right on-time to cook. But they came earlier. They immediately made a new key for me and true to their promise I was able to host a feast with my in-laws. Thanks for saving me!

Erica Cha

I am an extremely satisfied customer of Magnet Locksmith. I admire them a lot because of their professionalism. They went to my office building to inspect the whole area and study how they can improve its security level. I was very pleased with their plans, recommendations, and the outcome that they foresee with the installation of access control entry system. The cost is expensive, but it was something that any business would expect because of the use of advanced technologies. They explained to me the different locking devices to be used and how to operate them. I could see in their eyes the passion to provide excellent locksmith services to their clients. I know they are the company that I can truly rely on. Dawn Thomas

The kids were already home from school, but they could not enter inside because the key, which my eldest kept, was missing. They looked at it in school but found none. I needed to hurry home – but just the same, we were just at the garage, trying to figure out how to get inside because I have no spare key. What made our situation more depressing was that the locksmith I called up didn’t arrive. He said he will not be able to make it. That was so unprofessional. I looked up for another company and came across Magnet Locksmith. The technician arrived in 20 minutes. He went directly to the door right after introducing himself to us (with a smile) and opened it! We were so happy! Thomas Davis

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